Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 16 Cinderella (VIII) part 1

What are vampires afraid of? Some say they are afraid of the sun, of the cross, of holy water, of the Bible. But now, this vampire is out in broad daylight and he’s not dead, which means he’s not afraid of sunlight, and I don’t have a cross, holy water, or a Bible.

But I suddenly thought of one that I wasn’t sure if it was reliable or not, vampires are afraid of garlic!

I was busy rummaging around in my bag of many treasures and sure enough I found a small batch of garlic.

“Hahaha, I found it, the legendary magic weapon against vampires!” I’m laughing so hard, I could kill him!

To be on the safe side, I took the gun that Su Xingyu had given me and brought it along, even though I wouldn’t use it at all.

The vampire walked slowly, as if under a magic spell. I look at the garlic in my hand, a little worried if it was useful or not. After a heartbeat, I lifted one up and threw it at him!

“Hey, kid! Take this!”

The garlic was thrown right at the vampire and then bounced on the ground and rolled away in a cartwheel.

I watched closely and noticed that the vampire, although he didn’t react visibly, began to deviate from its original trajectory, away from the garlic on the ground.

Hahahaha, what a godsend, this vampire is really afraid of garlic!

I ran back to Su Xingyu and set up a formation with a few garlic cloves to surround her. Su Xingyu was safe in my garlic array.

Having control of the vampire’s weakness, I panicked less and took out my phone to call the police. First 112, then 1101.

“No…no need to call the police.” Su Xingyu was very weak beside me, but was still trying to stop me from calling the police.

I got anxious, “You’re injured like this, how can you not go to the hospital! And that guy, too. He must be put in jail, preferably for life!”

Su Xingyu shook her head, “The police are too slow to get here, they always come afterward, by then I’ll be bleeding out and the vampire will be long gone.” She paused and said, “Get my phone for me and press the first emergency button to connect.”

She had a point, I fumbled with her for a moment and still couldn’t find it, “Where did you put your phone?”

“…front pocket.”

“Oh!” I panicked. Of course, it’s in that pocket. How can I find it if I touch every else all over her body2?

“Found it!” It was a brand new, unbranded, miscellaneous cell phone. I did as she said and hurried to the dialing area and pressed the first emergency contact key.

Almost as soon as I dialed, the other party answered, and I put the phone to the ear of Su Xingyu, who started to get forceful. Her tone became authoritative and commanding, “Rush to me as fast as possible, I got injured!”

“Zi~” As soon as she finished, she gasped in pain and I didn’t slap her out of anger, “Can’t you speak a little softer? I will affect the wound!”

“Heh~” Who knew that Su Xingyu laughed instead, a few white teeth were showing, ” Xiao Qianqian is so worried about me, I know you love me miserably. I can give you a chance to pursue me….” She sighed again, “Even though there are too many people who love me a lot, don’t give up. Dreams are always necessary, just in case…”

Me: …Retard!

Not wanting to pay any more attention to her, I then remembered the culprit and looked around. The vampire seemed to have a problem and fell to the ground.

I instantly had a terrible idea in my mind and it intensified, especially seeing how hurt Su Xingyu was.

I ended up not being able to control my little thoughts and brought the garlic and the weapon from the bag of treasures and approached the vampire carefully.

I don’t know if it’s as the TV said if all vampires are good looking, but this one, he’s really good looking.

He looked like he was about ten years old, with strong features, and aside from his teeth and overly pale face, he was a perfectly beautiful little mixed-race.

Too bad he wasn’t human and had to eat people.

Seeing him lying weakly on the ground, thinking of what I was going to do next, I actually felt a little guilty. But when I thought of how this guy had caused Su Xingyu to become like how she is now, and if it wasn’t for our luck, he might have drained her blood or caused her to fall to her death. I couldn’t bring up any sympathy for him anymore.

“Hmph!” I looked down at him condescendingly, “I was going to turn you over to the government, but in light of your excessive behavior, I have decided to give you some due punishment before turning you in!”

I’m all righteous, I’m not lynching, just a little lesson for the demon that bullied us!

I tried to kick him, but he dodged!

“Don’t you dare kick this old man…oooh…how did I get out of the bus…” He laid down and tried to curl himself into a ball, “Get this old man back in the bus…turn off the sun3…”

You’re too young to call yourself an old man, you’re crazy! But by the looks of him, the sun still has an effect on him. I calculated in my heart, stripped off his tattered cloak three times and smiled wickedly, “No need to thank me, it is so you can bask in the sunshine better, hehehe!”

“Stupid human…when I regain my strength…when I get the sacred blood… watch me not suck you dry…Ah!”

1 “112 then 110” 112 is the emergency number that can redirect you to 110 (the police), for an ambulance it’s 120
2 We understand. You just want to touch her body.
3 Heh. Don’t we all wish the sun had a switch

Translator: I wish everyone the best of luck today! You guys are awesome!!! Oh, and I should probably fix the first five chapters of My Disciple Consumes Too Much…

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