For the Rest of Our Life – You’ll find out when you’re older (2)

After dinner and taking a shower, Lin Xian wiped her hair out while asking Xiao Yuqing who was watching TV on the sofa, “Aunt Xiao, do you have needles and threads at home? I have to sew my clothes.”

The young girl’s hair was wet and still dripping with water, wetting most of her shoulders.

Xiao Yuqing turned to look at Lin Xian, a warm smile twinkling in her eyes as she helplessly hooked her lips and beckoned Lin Xian, “Come here, sit down.”

Lin Xian didn’t suspect a thing and went forward to sit down next to her and turned to look at Xiao Yuqing in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

Xiao Yuqing looked serene and bent her bare legs on the sofa, while turning around, she sat on her knees in front of Lin Xian. She took out the towel from the slightly dazed Lin Xian’s hand and gently covered her hair, gently wiping it and sighed, “You don’t always wipe your hair properly, and you don’t like to blow dry your hair. You can fall asleep even with wet hair. It’s nothing to feel at a young age now, but when you get a little older later, it will be too late for you to suffer from a bad headache.”

The gentle words gently reached Lin Xian’s ears, into her head and heart. She slightly raised her head, stunned as she gazed up at Xiao Yuqing’s focused face, and after a few seconds, she swiftly lowered her head and said neutrally, “I’ll pay attention to it in the future.”

Xiao Yuqing softened her eyes and with a smile, she softly responded, “En, I will also watch over you.”

Lin Xian bit her lip, feeling like a mess in her heart, but she couldn’t figure out why.

Two minutes later, Xiao Yuqing released her hands in satisfaction, changed her kneeling to sitting, handed Lin Xian the towel and smiled, “Alright, go get your clothes and I’ll go get a needle and thread to help you sew.”

Lin Xian took the towel and politely said, “No need, I can sew it myself.”

Unexpectedly, Xiao Yuqing smiled and teased, “Can you? If you stick your fingers with the needle, I won’t help you pay for your medical expenses.”

Lin Xian curled her lips and muttered in dissatisfaction, “I’m not that stupid.”

Xiao Yuqing’s smile was radiant and evident in her eyes, pacifying her, “En, Xian Xian is not that stupid. Then, give me a chance to show off my dexterity, okay?” She spoke softly, as if she was coaxing a child.

Lin Xian was powerless to refuse her.

She first went back to her room to retrieve her military training uniform and gave it to Xiao Yuqing, then she listened to her and went to the bathroom to dry her hair. However, as soon as she stood in the bathroom, listening to the roaring sound of the hairdryer, all she could think of was Xiao Yuqing in the living room.

She couldn’t stand it anymore.

Lin Xian reached out and unplugged the hairdryer, held it in her right hand and quickly ran out of the bathroom and into the kitchen, bending slightly, to grab the small chair she had sat in when she watched Xiao Yuqing cook, and ran back to the living room with a “da da da”.

When Xiao Yuqing heard the noise, she turned her head to watch Lin Xian. Lin Xian managed to find a place with a plug, set up the chair, connected the hairdryer, and smiled candidly at her, “Didn’t you say you wanted to show me your dexterity? I’ll have to watch to find out how handy you are.”

Xiao Yuqing was slightly stunned, then she smiled brightly, hooked her eyebrows, looked away, and continued the action on her hands, letting Lin Xian have her way.

Lin Xian turned on the switch of the hair dryer and blew her long hair sideways, but her mind was always on Xiao Yuqing.

Xiao Yuqing’s eyebrows were restrained, her look was focused and attentive, her slender, smooth arms gently swaying in the air with the movement of the needle and thread; every arc was so beautiful and just right.

Lin Xian didn’t notice that she hadn’t moved the hairdryer for a long time, and the heat from the hairdryer had steamed her hair from the same spot.

Under the warm tones of the dim light, Xiao Yuqing’s face, became increasingly more gentle and beautiful. Her every gesture, every smile, every move, was framed into a charming picture in Lin Xian’s eyes.

A moment later, the position of the hairdryer finally changed. Lin Xian slightly lowered her head, her thoughts were far away. She lamented in her heart that Xiao Yuqing was not only the most beautiful person she had ever seen, but was truly, the most charming person she had ever encountered, and always had the ability to make people unable to look away.

Lin Xian occasionally heard her mother chatting with her grandfather, and when her grandfather cared about his old friend’s daughter, Xiao Yuqing, her mother sighed worriedly and said, “Little Yuqing is good at everything, but her eyes are too high, and she has been delaying until now…”

At that time, Lin Xian thought that her mother was too old-fashioned and concerned too much, and that she didn’t necessarily expect Xiao Yuqing to get married. But now, when Lin Xian recalled, she was stupefied: what kind of man would be worthy of Xiao Yuqing1?

In her mind, the appearance of Xiao Yuqing slumped in the corner behind the funeral hall that year, weeping wretchedly after a quarrel with someone, gradually emerged. At that time, she unintentionally passed by and vaguely heard someone say, “I’m sorry.” And then, what rang out was a weak and cold response from Xiao Yuqing, “Go away, I don’t want to see you.” After a long time, she heard a suppressed cry, and when she looked around the room, she saw Xiao Yuqing with her hands on her knees and her head buried, crying and trembling all over, like a fallen leaf floating in the wind.

Lin Xian suddenly turned off the hairdryer, and the rumbling sound that had stopped made the room eerily quiet for a while.

Lin Xian’s dark eyes looked at Xiao Yuqing and said seriously, “Aunt Xiao, if you’re ever interested in finding someone to marry, can you show me first and I’ll check them out for you?”

She was afraid that someone would get a treasure but didn’t know and cherish it.

Xiao Yuqing had sewn up the rip and was in the midst of tying the knot when she heard the words and was slightly stunned, before laughing shallowly and teased, “Then if you look out for him, what kind of person would it take for you to let him pass?”

Lin Xian only had a moment of impulse, not expecting Xiao Yuqing to ask this. She was silently pondering for a bit and replied back, “To love you very, very much, more than anything else in the world, to love you the most, and never wrong you.”

Xiao Yuqing finished tying the knot, clipped the thread, put down the clothes, and walked towards Lin Xian, smiling musingly, “That might not be a pass.”

In the meantime, Lin Xian’s pretty eyebrows slightly knitted together, dissatisfied, “That’s if he doesn’t love you enough and doesn’t deserve to have you.” She paused, her eyebrows knitting tighter and tighter, puzzled, and asked Xiao Yuqing, “Isn’t that how love should be? It can be done without fear of life or death, wholeheartedly and single-mindedly.”

Xiao Yuqing stroked Lin Xian’s smooth, fine hair with one hand and took the hairdryer from Lin Xian with the other. She looked down at her young and innocent face for a long time, and in her eyes, there was an obscurity that Lin Xian couldn’t understand. Finally, she sighed gently and rubbed Lin Xian’s head, her tone soft and low, as if coming from the distant past, “You’ll understand when you are older.”

She turned on the hair dryer switch, and the rumbling sound covered up everything. She lowered her eyes, her long eyelashes casting a shadow on her face, and Lin Xian’s black hair fell from her fingertips, little by little, with the flow of the breeze….

Is it still the case if she finds out that it is or not?

Xiao Yuqing did not tell her.

The author has something to say:
Lin Xian: No one is good enough, so let me do it myself!

1 “Man”? Or woman??

Translator: I give up!!! No more! I’m no computer tech wiz! Shout out to those who are!!! Feel free to support if you want.

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  1. This is so weird. Usually, because of my insomnia, staying awake until 2am isn’t really that hard. But just now, after I drank a full glass of cold choco drink, I instantly feel very sleepy aiya. I honestly don’t even know if other people are telling the truth about how caffeine let’s you stay awake because every time I drink coffee or choco drinks or eat chocolat, I always easily fall asleep (especially when I drink coffee) but when I drink alcohol, I have a really hard time falling asleep (it adds the worst in my insomnia) am I seriously the only one like this!? Just I was even having fun reading this novel huhuhu

    PS. TL I love your work. Keep up the good work❤️

    1. I wonder the same thing. After a cup of coffee I get sleepy but not for chocolates. My friends usually try to keep that away from me. And thank you. Hope you enjoyed reading

  2. Mhmhmh ? Did a girlfriend leave her then? Was someone blaming her cuz she’s gay ? (Yeah makes no sense but you know how idiots are)

    Well not necessarily Yuqing, not everyone go through bad shit in life and have to learn to let go and accept not everything will be a happy ride, some people do just get that golden ticket and blaze through life in the happiest of manners.

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