For the Rest of Our Life – You’ll find out when you’re older (1)

On the fifth day of military training, the school clubs and organizations all started their orientation activities, mainly in the evening. Lin Xian desired to join the student council and debate team and had to stay late at school for dinner and evening training for the next two days so that she could attend the recruitment interview after the evening training. It was so late in the evening that Xiao Yuqing didn’t feel at ease. Despite Lin Xian’s repeated excuses, Xiao Yuqing insisted on driving to school to pick her up and drive her home after the training.  

In the afternoon of the tenth day of military training, Lin Xian did not look forward to the typhoon that had been forecasted, and as usual, stood in the military posture with a straight back against the scorching sun.  

Don’t know where a bee flew in from far away, “buzzing” around in circles next to their formation.

Lin Xian had been distracted, so she didn’t notice the quiet commotion of her classmates on the side. Only when a black dot appeared in her vision, getting closer and clearer, did Lin Xian regain consciousness and become greatly alarmed.

When she reacted to the fact that the little thing close at hand is a bee, she immediately panicked and raised her hand to report. However, before the word “report” was uttered, a piercing “rip” sounded first… the air was silent for a second, followed by the students who couldn’t help but burst into loud laughter.  

The bee was frightened away by everyone’s ear-shattering laughter, Lin Xian finished the “report” blankly, lowered her head and glanced at her clothes torn from her armpit, and had a moment of distraction. Then, she blushed awkwardly, grinned, and finally couldn’t help but laugh with everyone. 

The instructor roared with a stern face, “What are you laughing at, stand still!” But the uncontainable smile at the corner of his lips betrayed his heart.

Everyone heard the yelling, but they couldn’t help but laugh louder and more brazenly, causing the students in the next square to turn their heads to curiously watch.

As the person involved, Lin Xian laughed the hardest after the shame passed, clutching her torn clothes. In the end, the instructor gave a small punishment and gave her fifty frog jumps.

This incident made Lin Xian instantly famous in the neighboring squads. Everyone knew that there was a pretty-looking girl with an extremely good personality and a cheerful sense of humor in the combined squads of Finance 3 and 4. The boys’ eyes lit up and they began to rub their hands and leap into action.

After the training, on the way home, Lin Xian still couldn’t stop laughing.

There was a surging crowd on the bus, and everyone was standing shoulder to shoulder. Lin Xian stood with difficulty, and because of the hole in her clothes, she didn’t dare to raise her hand to grip the top bar. She could only stand in the bus, twisting her body, grasping the back of someone else’s chair, and getting dizzy by the sway of the bus.

After returning home, she passed by the kitchen and hurriedly greeted Xiao Yuqing who was busy, then ran back to her bedroom to change clothes, causing Xiao Yuqing to be confused.

Not long after, Lin Xian had changed her clothes and happily ran back to the kitchen, leaning her body against the refrigerator, her eyes shining brightly as she looked at Xiao Yuqing and described to her the embarrassing incident of her afternoon, “Aunt Xiao, let me tell you, a particularly embarrassing thing happened to me this afternoon…”

She spoke with a lively and interesting expression and danced around so much that Xiao Yuqing couldn’t help but listen to her, “You…”

Lin Xian saw Xiao Yuqing laughing, so she was also happy, but after two seconds of joy, she frowned and deflated, and she started acting like a child, “But when I came back, because I didn’t dare to raise my hand, I was squeezed around on the bus, and the driver drove aggressively, shaking the bus around, and I was sick to my stomach when I got off the bus.”

In the meantime, Xiao Yuqing withdrew her smile, her beautiful eyebrows slightly knitted, and looked at Lin Xian with worry and asked, “So is it better now? Is it still painful?”

Lin Xian raised her eyes to surreptitiously check on Xiao Yuqing, and when she saw that her smile was slightly restrained and had a worried look on her face, her heart was inexplicably sweet, and the corners of her lips rose slightly. She blinked her eyes and replied, “I don’t feel bad now, when I got home and saw Aunt Xiao and smelt the smell of rice, I no longer had any problems.”

Xiao Yuqing’s eyebrows loosened, looking at her, her eyes softened, and helplessly scolded her, “Greedy little cat…” She turned off the fire of the gas stove, put the food on the plate, and gently said, “Alright, go wash your hands and get ready for dinner. “

Lin Xian quickly stepped forward and helped Xiao Xianqing bring the pot to the star basin to put water in it. While one hand helped Xiao Yuqing serve the food, the other pulled Xiao Yuqing’s arm, saying, “I just washed my hands, the pot can be washed later, let’s go eat first. By the time you finish washing the pot, the food will be cold.”

Xiao Yuqing was worried about Lin Xian’s hungry stomach, and she always served the food for Lin Xian to eat first, but she would not sit down until she finished cleaning up the kitchen. Lin Xian was already dissatisfied with this habit, so she had to change it no matter what. It was better to eat the dishes while they were hot.

When she was pulled away by Lin Xian, she looked back at the kitchen table, which was still a mess, and then at the stubborn girl beside her, and sighed softly, quirking her eyebrows, feeling somewhat helpless, but more so, very warm.

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  1. Well such a pretty lively girl would of course draw attention, but she’s into the clamboni special boys no double meat special for our cute mc.

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