Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 9 – Sister Help!

Yu Miaoyin was bored out of her mind in the bag of the young man who had rescued her from the tree, and being squeezed all around and not knowing where he was going or what he was doing, she made a point of pulling at the seams of the bag to open the zipper for air, but the young man kept stopping her in a whisper.

“Cat, be good. There are a lot of people here, and they’ll throw you out if they find you.”

Yu Miaoyin really didn’t dare to move, and stayed honestly in the bag, which had been bouncing around for a long time, and shielded her from the wind and cold. She hadn’t slept all night too, so she found a comfortable position to curl up in, closed her eyes, and fell asleep quickly.

When Yu Miaoyin woke up again, it was no longer bumpy. The young man seemed to have put her in some stable corner, she moved her ears and heard chattering noises outside the bag, and she didn’t know where she was.

The boy was probably afraid that Yu Miaoyin would be suffocated to death in her bag, so he kindly opened the zipper a small gap, and Yu Miaoyin woke up and saw a good chance to escape. There was a small gap, and she pulled the zipper open with the strength of a baby, and stuck out a little gray and dirty head.

A few cat whiskers thrust out forward by Yu Miaoyin, only to have a few girls scream from behind.

“Yah! What is this!”

“It’s so dirty. It’s not a rat, is it?”

“No shit? What is Yi Bin doing with a rat in his bag?”

“How should I know, he’s always weird.”

Yu Miaoyin’s ears swiveled and she thought, I’m not a rat! In order to prove that she was not a rat, she even meowed a few times.

The young man who saved Yu Miaoyin, Yi Bin, put down his school bag to go to the toilet, but when he came back, he didn’t expect Yu Miaoyin to be so smart that she opened his school bag and came out. So he ran back to his seat and pressed the top of Yu Miaoyin’s head to stuff her back into the bag.

“Stop it, cat. I’m going to help you find your owner as soon as I get out of class, ah?”

Yu Miaoyin was pressed back by Yi Bin before she could even see the classroom, thinking depressingly: Class? So this young man is still a student. Yu Miaoyin sighed in her heart, senior sister has just started class this time too, right? Yu Miaoyin also wants to go back to class.

In the past, she always disliked her teacher for being dull in class, but now Yu Miaoyin was particularly nostalgic for the days when she was still human. Even listening to the old professor talk about the Renaissance was better than being a stray cat out in the open. God knows how long it had been since Yu Miaoyin had eaten chocolate, fruit, candy, fried chicken, and pizza. Yu Miaoyin was going crazy wanting to eat human food.

“Hey, Yi Bin, what’s that in your bag?” Yu Miaoyin heard a boy’s voice above his head asking a question.

“Nothing, nothing at all…” Yi Bin denied.

“Nothing at all? We all saw it. Even if you say you’re unkempt as a human being, you also have unkempt pets. If you don’t understand, you still thought it was a stray cat from outside, and you even dared to bring it to school.” The one who spoke this time was one of the girls who had just screamed.

“It’s… it’s not my pet! I saved it on the way in the morning!” Yi Bin defended with a bottomless voice.

Another girl scoffed, “Didn’t go to class in the morning just to rescue a cat? Who are you kidding?”

“I…” Yi Bin still had to speak, but suddenly closed his voice.

The people next to him who were mocking him for some reason also closed their voices and walked away in a subtle manner. Yu Miaoyin hid in his bag and didn’t know what was happening. So she had to wait quietly for Yi Bin to finish class, and anyway, in her current state, senior sister probably wouldn’t recognize her.

Yu Miaoyin thought sadly, even if she did, she might not want to be recognized at all.

The bell rang and all the students quickly found seats to sit down. Yu Miaoyin didn’t know how bad Yi Bin’s popularity was, so many people wanted to mess with him, anyway, but when she reacted, the backpack containing her had already been thrown to the ground by unknown people.

“Meow ao-“

Yu Miaoyin shrieked and fell out of the backpack, standing up dizzily and unsteadily. Alarmed that the classroom was silent, even the professor who was supposed to be teaching hadn’t moved.

She looked up and around, and sure enough, all eyes were on her, and Yu Miaoyin saw someone she didn’t really want to see – especially when she was in such a mess.

Xiao Man.

Yu Miaoyin had never experienced being watched by so many people before, and crouched so frightened that she didn’t dare to move. Taking several steps backwards with a few warnings in her throat.

Xiao Man looked at this little cat in the aisle and could hardly believe her eyes. How come this cat looked more and more like her own Miao Miao?

Miao Miao’s scream, Xiao Man would never hear it wrong. But Miao Miao is a snowy white cat, how could it look like this? She called out to the cat sadly, “Miao Miao?”

Xiao Man was so distressed that she didn’t dare to acknowledge the kitten she had lost. With such a tentative cry, Yu Miaoyin frizzled her hair, turned around and bolted, already running out of the classroom in a flash.

“Meow Meow come back!”

Xiao Man was now 100% sure that this cat was her Miao Miao, and seeing that she had run away, she was afraid that she would lose her again and never be found. She couldn’t care less about the class, so she also chased after her.

The old professor who came to class was so angry that his hands were shaking, slapped the podium and shouted, “This class is no longer in session!”

The remaining students looked at each other, only Yi Bin wanted to leave but didn’t dare. A worried look appeared on his face.

“Miao Miao? Where are you, Miao Miao?” Xiao Man followed the direction of Yu Miaoyin and chased her all the way to the parking lot behind the school building, but the kitten was gone. Xiao Man was anxious and shouted, “Miao Miao, are you out here? I was so worried about you, Miao Miao!”

Yu Miaoyin was hiding between the nooks and crannies of two bikes, which just so happened to be a blind spot. Xiao Man couldn’t see her, but she could see Xiao Man clearly.

“Miao Miao I was wrong. I shouldn’t have sent you away, I’m sorry.” Xiao Man searched for ten minutes, but there was no sign of Yu Miaoyin.

Her kitten was a sensible cat, and Xiao Man finally believed this. Maybe Miao Miao had guessed that she had deliberately sent her away, so she was mad at her, and that’s why she preferred to hide out and suffer and be bullied rather than come back to her side.

“Miaomiao, I was really wrong.” Xiao Man walked over to the stone bench next to the bicycle shed and sat down, sighing, “Come back, I’ll never send you away again.”

“Miao Miao, I can’t leave you, so come back.” Xiao Man grabbed her hair and nearly collapsed, “Come back.”

Yu Miaoyin had never heard such sad emotions from her senior sister, and all of a sudden her heart softened. It didn’t matter whether or not senior sister used to want her or not, she was now grieving for her anyway.

Senior sister is sad for her! Yu Miaoyin felt a bit happy thinking about it. It was something she never dared to think about before, but it really happened! No matter what, she’s going to fall into the arms of her senior sister! I’m going to stay with you forever!

Yu Miaoyin mewed cheerfully.

Xiao Man heard Yu Miaoyin’s call and stood up in surprise, “Miao Miao? Is that you?”

“Meow! Meow meow meow!” It’s me! I’m here! I’m here! Senior sister come here!

Xiao Man followed the sound and looked on the ground for a long time, finally finding Yu Miaoyin between two abandoned old bicycles.

She was grey when she first saw Yu Miaoyin, and now she was in the corner covered in all sorts of cobwebs and leaves. She was so dirty it was unbearable to look at, but Xiao Man was happier than ever, “Miao Miao, come out quickly, I’ll take you home.”

“Meow…” Senior sister… I also want to come out… but…

I can’t get out!

Yu Miaoyin still had cobwebs hanging from her cat’s whiskers and sneezed pitifully.

The author has something to say:
I’m getting a feel for it. Hahahaha, the more I write, the more I get high.

Thank you for supporting this novel LilMs13itch! Enjoy!!

Translator: Who else enjoys the presence of felines??? I’ve been enjoying one in particular, her name is Mali and she’s a total sweetheart.

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