Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 8 – It’s not a pet but a family member

Yu Miaoyin was carried down from the tree by a kind-hearted man.

She squatted on the tree and shivered all night. By six o’clock in the morning it was so cold that she couldn’t stand it, and she was freezing and screamed. A young man who was eating crepes while walking passed under the tree and heard Yu Miaoyin’s faint and miserable screams, looked up and found Yu Miaoyin, who was almost frozen stiff, between the criss-crossing branches, and without saying a word, he climbed up hugging the tree trunk and carried Yu Miaoyin down in his backpack.

“There’s still a collar around your neck, little one, why did you run up the tree?” The boy hugged Yu Miaoyin and asked, “Where’s your owner?”

Owner? Yu Miaoyin thought of Xiao Man, and grief came from it. She was in the hands of the young man and refused to scream or move.

She thought about it all night in the tree, and finally figured out that there are not so many perverted cat burglars, it’s probably because the senior sister got fed up with her and found someone to take her away.

Yu Miaoyin was trying to find Xiao Man for fear that she would worry about her, but now she was considered to be dead. The senior sister couldn’t wait for her to leave, and her death or life didn’t matter to her senior sister.

“Why is your body so dirty?” The boy stroked Yu Miaoyin’s dirty fur and took off his own scarf to wrap Yu Miaoyin tightly, “I’m in a hurry to get to class, so you stay in my bag and I’ll walk you to your owner after class, okay?”

“Meow.” Whatever, my owner doesn’t want me anyway. Yu Miaoyin swept her tail weakly.

The boy took it as a sign that Yu Miaoyin understood, and put Yu Miaoyin in his bag, just as a bus came, he packed up his bag and carried Yu Miaoyin on the bus to school.

… …

Xiao Man had been looking for Yu Miaoyin all night, and she felt that she was going to collapse if she couldn’t find her anywhere.

She found out that the couple who adopted Yu Miaoyin did not sound right after she hung up the phone yesterday, and she was very worried about Yu Miaoyin’s safety. As soon as she hung up the phone, she asked Chu Fanxi for the address of the family and took a taxi and rushed to their home.

Xiao Man rang the doorbell of the house that had adopted Miao Miao, and a woman who had only appeared in her residence not long ago came to open the door for her.

The woman opened the door and when she saw it was Xiao Man, she blurted out, “Miss Xiao? What are you doing here?”

“Where’s Miao Miao?” Xiao Man asked with a black face, even her pupils were dark and inky, and her eyes were brewing with unspoken emotions.

“Miao Miao? Ah… Miao Miao was just over here but became a bit uncomfortable. I don’t know if its stomach had a little diarrhea after eating,  so my husband took it to the vet to see a doctor, and won’t be back tomorrow… tomorrow.”

The woman’s eyes kept evading Xiao Man’s eyes by darting. Xiao Man grabbed the woman’s collar and asked harshly, “I’ll ask again! What have you done with my cat?”

But it is just a cat, the woman never thought Xiao Man would be so anxious, and was stunned by Xiao Man’s growl. It was a long time with no movement, finally back to her senses, before grabbing Xiao Man’s wrist clutching her collar, with a crying voice hurriedly called her husband to come to hre aid, “Hus… husband you quickly come! Husband!”

“I’m coming.” The woman’s husband walked out of the room slowly with slippers, and shouted impatiently, “What’s all the panic?” He saw the fight at the entrance with his wife being dragged by Xiao Man, getting angry, pulling Xiao Man’s arm and pushing her, “Are you crazy to hit my wife? Get out of here! Or I’ll make you look like a fool!”

“What have you done with my cat?” Although Xiao Man is not short, in the end she couldn’t beat a big and strong man, biting her teeth and asked again.

The man waved his hand impatiently, “How should I know? You have the nerve to ask about that crazy cat of yours and come to our house. That crazy cat destroyed our car and I didn’t come to you to ask for lose money. Are you ashamed to come here first? Don’t even leave without compensating today!”

Xiao Man hands clenched behind her back.

The man who had lost the cat had a little bit of a guilty conscience, seeing that Xiao Man did not talk back, his arrogance rose up, quickly scolded, “I want to say that that crazy cat must have rabies and won’t live long! You’ve been with it for so long, I advise you to go to the hospital and check if you have rabies. Don’t be like your crazy cat who just bites people! Lunatic, bah!”

Xiao Man squinted at this hideous looking man, and with a grin on her lips, she actually laughed, which creeped the man out and raised goosebumps on the back of his neck.

Xiao Man approached the couple, and both of them involuntarily took a few steps backwards.

The woman hid behind the man, and the man was frightened by Xiao Man’s murderous stare, and protected his wife and swallowed, “What… what do you?”

“Nothing.” Xiao Man raised her foot and kicked the man directly on his chest, not knowing where the strength came from, and kicked both the couple into the air four feet.

She stepped on the man’s chest and stared at him viciously. Her eyes full of red blood and stared so hard that they were about to protrude, “If my cat dies, none of you married couples will live.”

“How… how dare you! It’s against the law!” The man was trampled under Xiao Man’s feet, still a dead duck with a tough mouth.

Xiao Man snorted, took out a fruit knife from somewhere, slammed it next to the man’s ear and inserted it into the wooden floor behind his head, and trimmed a few hairs from his ear.

The man saw that Xiao Man really dared to risk her life for a cat and shuddered in fear. Closing his eyes tightly and begging loudly for mercy, “Miss Xiao! You you you …… your cat will be fine! Calm down! Calm down!”

Xiao Man stood up and withdrew her feet, her face was frosty, “Where did you lose the cat, quickly take me.”

“Yes yes yes ……” he crawled up on his butt and took Xiao Man to the place where Yu Miaoyin had escaped, only by this time Yu Miaoyin was already gone.

“Miao Miao? Miao Miao?” Xiao Man shouted Yu Miaoyin’s name everywhere in that place. If Yu Miaoyin was there, she would have meowed and jumped over to her, but Xiao Man shouted continuously for more than a dozen times, but there was no movement around her at all.

Xiao Man’s heart was filled with an ominous foreboding as it was freezing cold.

She squatted in front of the stop sign and pulled her hair hard, hating her for being so stubborn and sending Yu Miaoyin away. It’s a small cat, so well-behaved, hardly need anyone to take care of it except for meals, and it will rub against Xiao Man when Xiao Man was tired, and in the winter, it took the initiative to lie on Xiao Man’s lap, exposing its warm belly to warm Xiao Man’s hand. Such a well-behaved kitten, what kind of insanity did Xiao Man have to think about sending it away all the time?

Yes, it was true that cats had a much shorter lifespan than humans, but Xiao Man thought clearly at this moment. If anyone was taking care of Yu Miaoyin but herself, she wouldn’t be able to be at ease. The sound of Miao Miao is only for a short ten years. It’s better to put it by your side, take good care of it, and love it.

No, that wasn’t it, it was her.

Miao Miao wasn’t a pet. Xiao Man wouldn’t be so attentive to a pet, because Miao Miao was her family.

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