Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 10 – Don’t try to steal my sister!

When Yu Miaoyin ran away, she panicked and hid, not thinking about whether she could get out or not, so she found the most remote and difficult to find spot of the bicycle shelter.

The bicycles on the outside are both old and new, but they are all relatively clean. They all belong to someone, and  are parked neatly every day, but the rows of bicycles on the inside are different.

The five or six bicycles had been placed in the corner of the shelter for an unknown amount of time, rusting and gathering dust and cobwebs, and touching the handlebars gently with your fingers could leave a stain on the fingertip. Yu Miaoyin was hiding between the bikes, crouching in fear, forgetting how she got in and unable to find her way out.

The bikes in the shelter were so full that Xiao Man had no choice but to move the bikes one by one and squeeze in between them into the shelter bit by bit. One bike was not heavy, but dozens of bikes created a heavy workload. It was not easy for Xiao Man to work her way into the corner where Yu Miaoyin was trapped, and directly moved the rusty, unwanted bicycles.

Moving away from the last bike, the frightened kitten sat in front of her nicely, her tail flicking left and right behind her.

Yu Miaoyin raised her front paws and wanted to jump into Xiao Man’s arms, but as soon as she remembered that it was Xiao Man who had sent her away, she was unwilling to forgive Xiao Man so easily. She withdrew her front paws and sat back down on the floor, her tail flicked defiantly a few times, with her head turned to the side and raised high, arrogantly unwilling to pay attention to Xiao Man.

“Miao Miao, come over here. Come home with me now.” Xiao Man squatted down, she lightly clapped her hands and opened her arms to Yu Miaoyin, but unfortunately Yu Miaoyin didn’t reciprocate, only glancing at her and continued to turn back, proudly raising her head, her whiskers trembled indignantly several times.

“Miao Miao, behave, come back with me. I’ll buy you some small dried fish for you to eat.”

“Meow.” Hmph, who wants to eat small dried fish, I want to eat fried chicken legs! Yu Miaoyin wanted to show her disdain, but what do cats do when they don’t care?

Yu Miaoyin recalled that her neighbor’s Huahua seemed to lick its paws a lot, and it looked so noble and cold.

Yu Miaoyin lifted her paws, which were almost as dirty as charcoal, and disgustingly shook off the cobwebs on it, and touched her whiskers symbolically. Even though she was expressing her pride, she would not forgive Xiao Man easily.

“Miao Miao, do you know whose class we just had?” Xiao Man suddenly asked this.

It doesn’t matter what your class is, it’s not my fault if your class gets messed up. Yu Miaoyin remained unmoved.

“It’s Professor Ma’s class.”

Yu Miaoyin was stunned, although she was not from the Department of Architecture, she never failed to hear Professor Ma’s name. She was known throughout the school for her harshness, for anyone who dared to be late once in her class, they had to be careful of her final exam make-up question. Xiao Man had ran out of class like that, I’m afraid she will be punished by wearing small shoes until she graduated from her fifth year.

“Looks like I need to retake this class this semester.” Xiao Man laughed bitterly.

“Meow…” Yu Miaoyin took the initiative to come over and rubbed against Yu Miaoyin’s still open palm against her. The word retake was nothing in Yu Miaoyin’s report card, but senior sister was so good, it was definitely a stain that could not be erased on her report card. Yu Miaoyin felt a little guilty, if she hadn’t run out, she wouldn’t have gotten senior sister into trouble.

Xiao Man’s mouth curved in a subtle, imperceptible way as she picked up Yu Miaoyin. Not caring if she was dirty or not, hugged her in her arms and stood up and walked out.

“Great, I’ve finally tricked you out .” Xiao Man gave a kiss to Yu Miaoyin’s head, kissing a mouthful of dusty cobwebs.

“Meow!” Yu Miaoyin was tricked out by Xiao Man’s bitter trick and angrily struggled in the scholar’s arms, trying to salvage a bit of her dignity as a cat. Xiao Man scratched her head and stomach at the right time, and Yu Miaoyin immediately squinted comfortably and twisted around in Xiao Man’s arms, leaving the matter of settling accounts with the scholar completely aside.

“Miao Miao, I’ll never give you to anyone again.” Xiao Man muttered softly.

“Meow~” Yu Miaoyin stretched her back. Hmph, I’m holding you accountable.

“Let’s go home.”

The voice of the senior sister was beautiful, and the sound of going home warmed Yu Miaoyin’s heart.

Saying that she was going home, Xiao Man had to return to the classroom again to gather up her bag. She had been out for a bit too long, and when she returned to the classroom again, the classroom door had long since been locked, and only Yi Bin was leaning against the classroom door playing with his phone, with Xiao Man’s bag hanging from his hand.

“Xiao Man, you… you’re back.” As soon as Yi Bin saw Xiao Man, he immediately put away his phone and stood up straight. He handed over her backpack with a smile, “I saw that you haven’t come back after class, so I’ll held it for you first.”

“Thank you.” Xiao Man took the bag with one hand and Yu Miaoyin in the other.

Yi Bin spotted the kitten in Xiao Man’s arms with a sharp eye and started laughing, “So this is your cat, I was thinking of taking it to its owner after class, so now I don’t have to look around.”

Although Xiao Man and Yi Bin were classmates, they were not familiar with each other, and the two spoke no more than twenty sentences in four years of college. I’ll buy you a meal.” Yi Bin had helped her get Miao Miao back. Xiao Man had to thank him. Touching Yu Miaoyin, she said, “Thank you for saving my cat. When will you be free? I will treat you to a meal.”

“No no no! I didn’t save it to get a meal from you!” Yi Bin is an honest boy, and even refused, “I saved it because I saw it miserably alone in the tree, not… not because I knew it was your cat…”

“I know.” Once Xiao Man heard that Yi Bin had gotten her Miao Miao back from a tree, her heart ached for Yu Miaoyin again and hugged her tighter, “Yi Bin, Miao Miao is very important to me, and I have to thank you no matter what for helping me get her back again.”

“Then let me touch it.” Yi Bin gave a silly smile, “I also like kittens, but unfortunately my mom is allergic to cat hair and can’t keep any.”

Xiao Man handed over Yu Miaoyin in her arms, and let Yi Bin touch it. His locked eyes with Xiao Man, blushed and shyly pursed the corners of his lips.

Hey, hey, hey you bashful a hair of wool! Yu Miaoyin flicked her tail in displeasure and alert. This atmosphere is not quite right, why does Yi Bin look like he’s been secretly in love with her senior sister for a long time? She had originally thought of Yi Bin as a somewhat cowardly honest young man in her heart, but now this young man had raised the danger level in her heart tenfold.

“MEOW!” Yu Miaoyin frizzled and arched away from Yi Bin, protecting Xiao Man from him.

Senior sister is mine! Get away from me! Meow meow meow!

“Miao Miao, don’t be rude!” Xiao Man rubbed Yu Miaoyin’s small pointed ears, feigning reproach.

“It’s okay, it’s okay…” Yi Bin rubbed his hands and said it’s okay several times in a row, smiling foolishly at Xiao Man, blushing to the base of his neck.

Don’t look at my senior sister! Go away! Yu Miaoyin frizzled and waved her paw at Yi Bin as a warning.

Xiao Man had already taken back her bag, and Yi Bin and her had nothing to talk about. Touching the back of his head he said, “I still have a few more drawings to finish, so if there’s nothing else I’ll leave first, see you later.”

“Thank you for today, Yi Bin.”

Xiao Man watched Yi Bin leave, hugging Yu Miaoyin and also went home.

Passing by the bookstore in front of the neighborhood, Xiao Man thought for a bit, went in and picked out a picture book, wrote a few words of thanks to Yi Bin on the title page, and later gave it to him as a gift in class. Just as thanking him for helping her find Miao Miao.

Yi Bin was so flattered to receive the book that he thanked Xiao Man for it, making Xiao Man uncomfortable.

When Xiao Man returned home, the first thing she did was to give Yu Miaoyin a bath. She changed the water in several basins and rubbed down a layer of black mud, but Yu Miaoyin never turned back to her snowy white hair. So she washed it five times more time, and Yu Miaoyin was still black.

Xiao Man had no choice, she carried Yu Miaoyin and went to the pet shop, asking the clerk what to do in this situation.

“Don’t worry, the cat will change its own fur and it will turn white after a while.” The store clerk said.

Xiao Man’s heart was finally put back at ease.

So Yu Miaoyin re-lived the good life of eating and sleeping as well as rolling around on her senior sister, cheerfully sticking to Xiao Man every day, and Xiao Man felt that her learning efficiency had plummeted.

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