Sadly I am no doctor

Like most people in the world I have depression and anxiety. And no I haven’t been diagnosed with them but I might as well, however, there are many blessings in life, such as books. Some books that I would love to recommend to you. The first one is The One Who Eats Monsters. The beginning of the book is a little slow but after the first chapter or two it gets better. Much better. I was obsessed with the book and couldn’t stop but beware it does involve a lot of violence and more. The second book I would love to introduce is called The Iron Phoenix. It’s good. Very detailed. Hook. Line…and it takes time for it to reach the action part. Great overall. And the last book I want to introduce is Santa Olivia. If you hadn’t caught on yet they’re all lesbian novels with the main characters with some sort of power(s). The first book is about an girl who’s on the borderline of monster/goddess. the second is about a girl who has super strength etc. Basically there are normal people who segregates those who have “abilities.” Those who have a very different ability usually gets killed before they are able to mature and the main character learns to hide hers when her friend suddenly disappears. You’ll understand more if you read it. The third is about a girl who is the child of a genetically modified man by the governments. Long story short: stronger than your average human. Awesome books. I definitely recommend these if you don’t mind reading them because y’know… lesbian…LGBT… I believe I read all of them at least three times each. Especially The One Who Eats Monsters. If you have any recommendations for me just let me know I’d love a good book to read. And this post took a completely different turn from the title. Sorry, not sorry.

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  1. I just recently picked up the one who eats monsters. A yuri urban fantasy is like a breath of fresh air for me. Now I just can’t stop reading!! Much appreciated for recommending this gem 😄

    I don’t know whether this kind of book is your cup of tea, but I’d like to recommend Otherside Picnic, a yuri fantasy horror, which is now one of my favorites. My only complain is that each volume is just too short..

    1. Ah. I had recently started reading Otherside Picnic lol. It’s really complex but great. And I would like to recommend some more books but those are the only gems I have found and really loved. You’re going to have to recommend me some more

  2. I just recently picked up the one who eats monsters. It’s so good that I can’t stop reading! Much appreciated for the recommendation. This book is a total gem!!

    I wouldn’t mind more of this type of recommendations tho.

    1. Sorry. If you don’t see your post at first, it is because I have to approve it. Not exactly sure how to change it but I definitely get them if you wonder. 🙂

  3. I thought I’d done goof with my clumsy figures Lmao. Oh, I think you may want to check out Red Sister by Mark Lawrence. It was awesome as a fantasy story, although I kinda want it to have more yuri fluff.

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